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Square D HU36 Series 600 V 3PST 3 Wire N3R Heavy Duty Non-fusible Disconnects 30 A 600 VAC, 600 VDC NEMA 3R

Mfg #: HU361RB
BSE #: 156560

All heavy duty safety Switches feature a quick-make, quick-break Operating Mechanism, a dual Cover Interlock and a Color-coded indicator Handle.

  • An abundance of copper is used in the heaviest Current carrying Power paths of all Square D by Schneider Electric heavy duty safety Switches. The more copper for Current carrying paths, the lower the temperature rise.
  • Load-make, load-break rated for the switch current rating
  • Lock-Off provision is standard on all heavy duty safety switches
  • According to the National Electric Code, section 690.15, PV arrays must have a disconnecting means to isolate the inverter from the PV power source.
  • Utility grid-tie inverters that utilize PV arrays with voltages above 250VDC require a disconnect rated for 600VDC to perform this function
  • Square D disconnects for use with grid-tie inverters that don't already have pre-built disconnects
  • It is nonfusible, rated at 600 volts DC
  • The DC input of up to two sub-array can be connected to the safety switch and it is outdoor rated so it can be located close to the panels
  • Can be used for disconnecting up to three PV arrays for three grid-tie inverters
  • It has wiring lugs that are rated to accept two #14 to #10 wires in each lug
  • The Square D F Series safety Switches provide high levels of Mechanical Endurance than NEMA KS-1 or UL98 standards require
  • Red and black handle indicates the ON (red) or OFF (black) switch position
  • Side-opening, left hinged covers
  • The design life of a F-Series Switch is a minimum of three times the NEMA requirement
  • Visible blades for positive blade position indication
  • NEMA 3R, Rainproof and Sleet/Ice proof (Indoor/Outdoor), UL Listed
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Brand Square D  
Material Steel  
Amperage 30 A  
Wire Size (1) 14 to 2 AWG  
Voltage 600 VAC, 600 VDC  
Number of Phases 3 Phase  
NEMA Rating NEMA 3R  

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