Sola/Hevi-Duty CVS Hardwired Series Constand Voltage Transformers

Superior voltage regulation sets the CVS series apart from other power conditioning technologies on the market. The CVS recreates a well regulated sinusoidal waveform that is well isolated from input disturbances including impulses, swells, sags, brownouts and severe waveform distortion.
  • Superior voltage regulation of +-1%
  • Surge protection tested to ANSI/IEEE C62.41, Class A & B Waveform
  • Harmonic filtering
  • Hardwired
  • Acts as a step-up/step-down transformer
  • Galvanic isolation provides exceptional circuit protection
  • 25 year typical MTBF
  • No maintenance required
  • Extremely tight regulation is accomplished by SolaHD's patented ferroresonant transformer technology
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