Square D M1/M1E Processor Adaptors

BSE Part # 982833 MFG#: 171CCC78010
M1/M1E Processor Adaptors - The Momentum M1/M1E processor adapters are based on the Modicon 984 family of products. You can mount these Adapters on Momentum I/O Bases to provide intelligence to the I/O.
  • The Momentum I/O Base can be made a standalone, integrally networked system using local controllers with extended I/O
  • A controller can be added to the different bases and combined with other Momentum options, which can then be networked together in an intelligent subsystem as part of a larger Modicon application.
  • The Processor Adapter can turn and ordinary I/O Base into a PID controller or high-speed logic solver
  • The Processor Adapter can quickly and independently solve logic, control its own local I/O (discrete or analog), and communicate to other control entities through one of a number of Momentum communication options
  • Fill-in label
  • LED indicators
  • Modbus or Ethernet Port connector
  • Optional second port (Modbus or I/O bus)

  • Brand:
    • Square D
  • Clock Speed:
    • 32 MHz
  • Communication Ports:
    • 2 Modbus
  • RAM Memory:
    • 512K
Processor has 2 Modbus.