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ADB Advanced High Definition IPTV Set-Top Box with Over-the-Top Video and Home Networking Capabilities

BSE Part # 2420447 MFG#: 3721WN
The 3721WN is designed to operate as a stand-alone unit or as part of a whole home network. HCNA networking capabilities allow access to movies, TV shows, music and photos from the DVR and devices on the network including PCs, game consoles and phones.
  • Advanced high definition set-top box for IPTV service
  • Whole home networking on coax (HCNA) or copper via DLNA/UPnP
  • Supports applications including VoD, games, 3D and over-the-top video

  • Processor:
    • Broadcom 7405
  • RAM Memory:
    • 512 MB