Panasonic Home WhisperGreen Select™ SmartAction® FV-MSVK1 Plug and Play Motion Sensor Module

BSE Part # 3168109 MFG#: FVMSVK1
SmartAction Motion Sensor Module: Automatically Activates the Fan When Someone Enters the Room

  • Type:
    • Exhaust fan accessories
  • Brand:
    • Panasonic
  • For Use With:
    • Panasonic FV-5-11VK1, FV-05-11VKS1, FV-05-11VKL1, FV-05-11VKSL1, FV-11-15VK1, FV-11-15VKL1exhaust fans
  • Series:
    • WhisperGreen Select SmartAction®
  • Style:
    • Motion sensor