American Safety Utility 05-6263 Tick And Insect Repellent, 6 OZ Spray Can

BSE Part # 3396389 MFG#: 05-6263
Tick And Insect Repellent, Container Size: 6 OZ, Container Type: Spray Can, Flammability Rating: Non-Flammable, Formula: 30% DEET Wilderness, Application: For protection against mosquitoes, stable flies, ticks, black flies, chiggers, deer flies, fleas, ho
  • Accommodates multiple wire sizes from 22 AWG to 500 KCMIL for application flexibility easy to install with standard compression crimp tools
  • Chamfered barrel ends eliminate high-voltage corona and partial discharge failures 999% pure copper for low resistance and high conductivity - tin-plated for corrosion resistance