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AFL Terminal Connectors - 5600 Series for ACSR Conductors, Straight

BSE Part # 970565 MFG#: 5636144
The 5600 Series Straight Terminal Connector is designed for ACSR conductors. The terminal connector is fabricated from ACA seamless drawn aluminum.
  • When used with the dead end, the straight terminal connector allows drop at a 15º angle
  • All terminal connectors are designed for limited tension use, maintaining a minimum of 40% of the ASTM rated strength of the conductor on which it is being used
  • Suffix EHV designates Extra High Voltage finish

  • Brand:
    • AFL
  • Aluminum Die:
    • 36AH
  • Code Word:
    • Bittern; Grackle
  • Conductor:
    • 1272; 1192.5 kcmil
  • For Use With:
    • Pad size D
  • Length:
    • 16.6 inches
  • Strand Construction:
    • 45/7; 54/19 Al/St