3M Cold Shrink QT-III Outdoor Silicone Rubber Termination Kits

BSE Part # 115774 MFG#: 7652S42
Offers easy installation and reliable performance when terminating indoor and outdoor medium voltage cable.
  • The unique step-core design combined with the built-in Hi-K stress control and silicone sealing compounds means simpler installation on all types of cable
  • UV stability and track and erosion-resistance
  • Hi-K stress control design delivers excellent BIL performance and lower surface stress resulting in a more compact termination
  • Through superior engineering, Cold Shrink QT-III Outdoor terminations deliver maximum performance
  • Includes: Hi-K, Tracking Resistant, Termination, SC0001 Stem Connector, 2 Strip Sealing Mastic, and Instruction Sheet.

  • Type:
    • Cold Shrink Termination Kit
  • Environmental Conditions:
    • Heat-resistant; Ozone-resistant; Track-resistant; UV-resistant
  • Insulation Material:
    • Silicone Rubber
  • Maximum Insulation Diameter:
    • 1.08 in
  • Maximum Temperature:
    • +600°F
  • Minimum Insulation Diameter:
    • 0.64 in
  • Minimum Temperature:
    • -150°F
  • Number of Skirts:
    • 4
  • Package Quantity:
    • 1 per Kit
  • Standards:
    • IEEE Standard 48 Class 1 Approved
  • Voltage:
    • 25/28, 15 kV
Terminator, Cold Shrink QT-III Outdoor Skirted, 200 Amp 25KV 150KV BIL Silicone Rubber, Cable Range=#2-1 Awg Stranded or Compressed, #1-1/0 Awg Compact or Solid, Cable Range for Diameter Over Cable Insulation= 0.64-1.08, Concentric And Jacketed Concentric Cable Kits (Each Kit Makes One Termination). Meets Requirements IEEE Standard 48-1996. (Connector Included)