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AFL Alumoweld Guystrand

BSE Part # 961040 MFG#: M259L7C
Alumoweld® is an aluminum-clad steel wire that has comparable corrosion-resistance to solid aluminum wire and eight times the strength. Compared to steel wire, it has the same high tensile strength but furnishes much higher conductivity and provides much greater longevity.
  • Aluminum coating equal to 25% of the cross-sectional area of the composite wire
  • Coating thickness at least 10% of wire radius
  • Electrical conductivity - 1/3 that delivered by the same size solid aluminum wire
  • ER 3008 Alumoweld® Type M® Guy Strand
  • Heavy aluminum cladding provides corrosion-resistance and conductivity

  • Brand:
    • AFL
  • Breaking Strength:
    • 10000 pounds force
  • Category:
    • 10M
  • Diameter:
    • 0.306 inches
  • Number of Strands:
    • 7 strand
Type 10M Guy Strand Alumoweld. Nominal strand diameter is .306 in. with 7 individual wires. Breaking load is 10 000 lbs. The aluminum cladding thickness is guaranteed to be no less than 10 percent of the wire radius. The aluminum cladding and steel core joined by a continuous ductile welding.