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Sourcing & Procurement Services

Locating the items our customers need. Ensuring access to the highest quality products that comply with safety standards and reliability requirements. We work with our customers to set sourcing and procurement standards based on the latest advances in technology and material specifications.

Along with our manufacturer partners, we offer standardization programs to help our customers sort through their inventory. Our goal is to establish the best value for our customers across all product categories.

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Sourcing and Procurement Solutions With Border States Quality

Reduce Inventory, Improve Turns and Save Money

Our branch network provides a reliable source of local inventory. Our customers reduce handling, storage, management and potential obsolescence. All while carrying less inventory and saving money.


Reduce Receiving Time and Simplify Invoicing

We use customer part numbers on packing slips, invoices and order confirmations. We've found this process makes it easier for our customers to receive material and invoice to their customer or cost center.


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