SupplyTrax Vending

We are an Autocrib Industrial Vending Distributor. As a Premier Distributor of AutoCrib tool crib management and industrial vending systems, Border States Electric offers the full suite of AutoCrib products and services. Border States manages hundreds of vending solutions for customers nationwide, including RoboCribs, EleVends, and AutoLockers.

Automated vending solutions from Border States replace existing free issue product areas, and improve plant efficiencies by making it easier and faster to get necessary supplies. These installations result in improved accountability of material usage and lower overall consumption without placing limits on individual employees. And, the reduced consumption typically results in a system payback of less than one year.

SupplyTrax Vending solution features:

  • Reduced consumption, waste and hoarding
  • Secure inventory storage
  • Automated procurement and replenishment tools
  • Improved productivity

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