Local Branch Sales

As a Sales organization, Border States takes pride in the products we sell and bringing out customers solutions to their everyday needs. Whether selling products for you to change a light bulb in your home, keeping your family safe with security systems and being able to charge your cell phone, we offer a variety of services and solutions.    

Account Manager/Outside Sales

As an Account Manager, you will collaborate with the Sales and Management Departments to deliver innovative solutions. While creating long-term relationships with our customers, you will understand their business objectives to provide expert knowledge and customer service. As a trusted advisor, you will be a customer’s main point of contact and identify new capabilities to ensure our customers are getting the best service. If you are goal oriented, customer-focused, and love to have fun while at work, this is the perfect match for you!  

Application Engineer - Sales and Operations  

As an Application Engineer, you will support the day-to-day operations of the Sales Department to collaborate with employee-owners across the company on product and system applications. Applications Engineers are one of the main points of contacts to our customers as consultants. You will lead customers and other BSE employee-owners to provide the best training on the latest technical product lines and applications. You will be a collaborative team player with the Sales and Marketing Departments to provide the best plan to capture customers’ needs. Every day will be different as you will be working with a broad range of products, services, customers, and other employee-owners!  

Branch Manager - Sales and Operations  

As a Branch Manager, you will provide leadership to the branch staff. You will create long and short term goals to enhance sales and profitability. Using feedback from customer calls, you will be able to grow customer satisfaction regarding pricing, products, and promotions. You will also work with the Branch Support Center’s teams to coordinate marketing and sales strategies as well as assisting all team members to provide quality service to our customers. For those who love helping customers and employee-owners every day, this is the job for you!  

City Desk Representative (Counter Sales)

As a City Desk Representative, you will support the operation functions of the City Desk. While chatting with customers face-to-face at the branch, you will be aiding customers to find what they need based on your knowledge of electrical products. With training from vendors, you will be prepared to explain the difference between products and guide customers to the best product for their needs. Every day will be a new interaction with different customers!  

Customer Service Representative (Inside Sales)

As a Customer Service Representative, you will support the day-to-day operations of the Customer Service Team. While working with the Sales, Marketing, Pricing, and Purchasing departments, you will be faced with a rewarding challenge of ensuring that customers are getting the best products and that an appropriate amount of stock is being kept for demand. Each day, you will be able to chat with customers on the phone. Using your extensive product knowledge of electrical products and systems will aide customers in finding what they need. By asking questions, you will be able to investigate until you find the perfect solution for customers! 

Quotations Specialist 

As a Quotations Specialist, you will provide specialized knowledge and skills to enhance the operations of the quotations department. Using your senior level knowledge, you will determine the best products for each of your customers. In this challenging role, you will be the connection between engineers and customers in sharing the common goals of meeting customers’ changing business needs. While providing excellent customer service, you will work with other Border States employee-owners to resolve any customer billing issues. Customers will look to you and know they will receive the best results possible!  


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