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Winston Engineering, Inc. is now Border State Engineering Services

Winston Engineering, Inc. is now Border State Engineering Services

At Border States Engineering Services we provide a variety of professional services to meet all your engineering needs. We know Engineering requires an ability to analyze existing data and come up with creative solutions to solve problems. When you are looking for an engineer, you want to find experience, commitment, resolve, and passion. We are proud to offer all of that through a variety of fields to serve you.

Profile image of Anthony Winston with Winston Engineering logo

I established Winston Engineering, Inc., to make a positive impact on the construction industry and bring opportunity to our employees. Joining Border States is the next step in that direction — they have an outstanding reputation, and their philosophy of taking care of each other, customers and vendor partners matches our approach. Border States and Winston Engineering, Inc. are a great fit.

We bring professional engineering to Border States and their network of branches con-nects us to a need for our services. When you combine this with employee ownership, there will be countless opportunities and benefits for the employees of Winston and our customers.

“Over the coming months you’ll see our website transition to the Border States branding, but we remain the same great team of seasoned professionals you’ve always worked with – that won’t change. You are a valued customer, and we are committed to your success. We will work hard to make this transition smooth and seamless.”

-Anthony Winston III, P.E.

Founded in 2015 and formerly known as Winston Engineering, Inc., Border States Engineering Services is a licensed mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) engineering consulting firm operating across 19 states in the United States. Our portfolio encompasses mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering services for a wide range of establishments, including public works, commercial buildings, agricultural facilities, residential complexes, government institutions, municipalities, restaurants, distilleries, research centers, hotels, hospitals, laboratories and more.

Electrical engineering

Border States Engineering Services excels in electrical engineering solutions. Our team of skilled Engineers meticulously designs comprehensive electrical systems, including architectural lighting plans. We optimize power distribution and create custom lighting systems that enhance spaces. Whether it’s residential, commercial or industrial projects, we blend technical expertise with creativity to deliver exceptional results.

Mechanical/HVAC engineering

We offer a comprehensive suite of mechanical engineering and heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) engineering services. These
include the design of HVAC systems, which are essential for maintaining optimal indoor air quality and thermal comfort. The service portfolio also encompasses the design of central plant systems, although the specifics of this service are subject to consultation. Our team is equipped to handle the design of direct digital control systems, chilled water systems and heating water systems, subject to consultation. Additionally, we offer specialized services in the design of medical gas systems and clean rooms, ensuring a safe and controlled environment for sensitive operations.

Plumbing engineering

Border States Engineering Services specializes in plumbing engineering. Our comprehensive services include designing domestic cold- and hot-water systems and sanitary wastewater systems. When it comes to water supply and disposal, we ensure your plumbing systems are well-designed, compliant and optimized for functionality.

Electric vehicle (EV) engineering

We have extensive experience designing EV infrastructure using Level 1, 2 or 3 chargers. We can provide engineering services for all types of projects, from single-family homes to affordable housing to multifamily and commercial buildings. We can also provide engineering services for a variety of chargers, so you can choose the type of charger that best meets your needs.

Our team of experienced Engineers has a deep understanding of the EV industry and the latest EV charging technologies. We work with our clients to understand their specific requirements and then design an EV infrastructure system that meets those requirements and is compliant with all applicable codes and standards.

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