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Leviton OSC Series Multi-Tech Ceiling Occupancy Sensors Occupancy Sensor

Mfg #: OSC10M0W
BOR #: 1723024
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This advanced sensor available combines multi-technology with all-digital architecture to eliminate false triggering.

  • Trouble-free, “install and forget in solution for lighting control.
  • Self-adjusting settings -- callbacks for adjustment are eliminated
  • Time delay settings are continually adjusted
  • Nonvolatile memory -- learned and adjusted settings saved in protected memory
  • Power outages will not cause status loss
  • Wide coverage -- select the approximate area needed
  • Ambient light recognition -- the photocell prevents lights from turning on when the room is adequately lit by natural light
  • Small size -- the spherical-section shape makes the installation almost invisible
  • "Accurate, consistent switching -- occupant complaints are eliminated,
  • Lights are "on" when room is occupied, "off" when empty, annoying false-offs are minimized and lights on at night is eliminated"
  • Fast, simple installation -- a single mounting post and three color-coded wires make installation easy
  • Photocell: 20--3,000 lux adjustable, factory set 3,000 lux (photocell disable)
  • Test mode -- 6 sec
  • Timer settings -- automatic and manual, 30 sec -- 30 min
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Product can be ordered only in multiples of
Brand Leviton  
Color White  
Timing Range 30 sec - 30 min  
Device Configuration Occupancy Sensor  
Voltage 24 VDC  
Mounting Type Ceiling Mount  
Coverage 1000 sq ft, 360 Degree  
Amperage 35 mA  
Leviton Specification Sheet Specification Sheet

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