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    hot buys

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  • FR Clothing Risks

    FR Clothing

    Flame-resistant (FR) gear is reliable when it’s of high quality, and while it’s understandable that many professionals want to save extra coin on the job, it’s not worth risking a life over cheap FR clothing.

  • Installed Base Evaluations

    Installed Base Evaluations

    When it comes to seeking actionable intelligence for facility maintenance, plant managers should partner with a distributor capable of providing exceptional installed base evaluations.

  • High-Voltage Gloves

    STAY Safe

    High-voltage rubber glove inspections are crucial
    for electrical professionals.

  • Part Number Synchronization

    Part Number Synchronization

    We work with you to link your part numbers to the material you want, allowing you to order, receive, pay and invoice using your existing part numbers and procedures.

  • Why BSE?

    WHY BSE?

    “There are so many training opportunities Border States provides,” she says. “Plus, it’s not just sitting in a classroom, listening to someone go on and on. They get you involved. It’s a fun learning environment, which is awesome.”

    -Danielle Blanck

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Featured Products

Ergodyone Chill-Its Products


Stay safe and healthy on the job with Ergodyne’s Chill-Its® evaporative cooling bandanas, headbands, towels and more. They help regulate your body temperature while working in extreme temperatures.

Find Chill-Its Products to Beat the Heat

NEST Home Security

A Whole New Kind of Security

Tough on bad guys. Easy on you. The Nest Secure alarm system is easy to live with, and it’s only tough when you need it to be.

Learn how to always know what’s happening at home

Power Monitoring Devices


Power monitoring devices are vital to most production operations because they’re proactive in detecting equipment performance changes, helping prevent unnecessary downtime.

Check out the Fluke 3540 FC Three-Phase Power Monitor

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wire and cable Catalog

Safety Catalog

Because your safety matters, we now have an easy-to-use catalog for you to find all the safety products you need—get your downloaded or printed copy today.

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A Game Changer For Power Line Inspection

Equipped with intelligent software and sensors, drones can identify anomalies on grid masts, transmission lines and other critical infrastructure. This cuts inspection time and cost, compared to traditional foot or helicopter inspections.

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Supplytrax™ vending

Provide employees secure, 24/7 access to commonly-used materials and gear. AutoCrib reduces inventory levels, tracks use by employee and eliminates stock outs.

Learn more about AutoCrib