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    Rockwell Automation Fair

    Registration is now open for the 2019 Rockwell Automation Fair November 20–21 in Chicago. Remember, Border States has travel packages to
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  • warehouse worker wearing safety gear

    Hard hat safety

    More than 2 million disabling work injuries occur every year, 25 percent of which involve the head, eyes or face.

  • industrial internet of things

    Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

    Multiple aspects of our personal lives – from the devices we carry around, to the homes we live in, to the vehicles we drive – are becoming more connected and automated.

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    Border States demo trucks

    Border States’ regional maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) demo trucks are loaded with the latest products and solutions from the industry’s leading manufacturers. For on-site product training and demonstrations, invite one of our MRO demo trucks to your next event. Contact your
    Border States Account Manager today.

  • SupplyTrax vending

    Simple. Smart. Flexible.

    The SupplyTrax™ Trax Cabinet is the most
    cost-effective and innovative approach to controlling MRO, tools, safety and consumable product. Reduce consumable spend by 30
    percent or more. Contact us today to find out
    how SupplyTrax™ can go to work for you.

Featured Products

NEST Home Security


Protect against knife injuries on the job with a cordless stripper from Milwaukee. There’s no exposed blades and its compact, right-angle design lets you maneuver more easily in tight spaces with less strain on the wrist.

Check out Milwaukee’s M18™Cable Stripper (tool only)

Watch the Milwaukee’s M18™Cable Stripper in action

NEST Home Security

A Whole New Kind of Security

Tough on bad guys. Easy on you. The Nest Secure alarm system is easy to live with, and it’s only tough when you need it to be.

Learn how to always know what’s happening at home

Sonic industrial imager

Quickly identify leaks in compressed air systems

Equipped with an array of microphones for an expanded field-of-view. This device enables maintenance teams to quickly and accurately locate air, gas and vacuum leaks in compressed air systems, even in noisy environments.

Check out the Fluke ii900 Sonic
Industrial Imager

Watch the Compressed Air Leak
Detection Imager video

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wire and cable Catalog

Safety Catalog

Because your safety matters, we now have an easy-to-use catalog for you to find all the safety products you need.

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MRO demo fleet video


Try out the MRO and safety tools and equipment you need right where you work. For on-site product training and demonstrations, invite our demo truck to your next event or job site.

Watch the video


Supplytrax™ vending

Provide employees secure, 24/7 access to commonly-used materials and gear. AutoCrib reduces inventory levels, tracks use by employee and eliminates stock outs.

Learn more about AutoCrib