• how-to-stay-safe-and-cool-in-flame-resistant-clothing

    Stay safe and cool in FR clothing

    Even when warm climates aren't at their peak temperatures, heat can be dangerous for workers in outdoor settings.

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  • Green Cities

    Cities are going green in 2015

    Cities are working to provide clean air, renewable energy and cost savings.

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  • Klein Tools

    The Klein Tools' New Loyalty Rewards Program

    Klein Tools just launched their new Loyalty Rewards program to say thank you to customers for all of their support and loyalty.

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  • Fluke

    Stay in Contact

    Fluke Connect is a free app that currently syncs with more than 20 Fluke tools.

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  • Insect repellent

    What insect repellent can you use on fr clothing?

    Any FR clothing sprayed with DEET-containing bug spray has the potential to ignite and continue burning.

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  • Employee allowance service

    OSHA DEADLINE: Aug. 31

    Are you compliant? We have a tool for that.

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This Month's Hot Products

Leviton Automation Lumina Gateway

Leviton Automation Lumina Gateway

Designed to work with Leviton’s professional quality wireless lumina™ RF product offering. Automate Leviton thermostats, wireless load control modules, and even plug-in load control modules using a variety of wireless sensors.

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CRC Industrial Cleaners

CRC Industrial Cleaners

Contains premium cleansing agents which quickly removes the toughest dirt. Pumice scrubbing particles safely and effectively remove dirt, grease, resin, ink, paint, and glue.

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Youngstown Glove FR Leather Utility Lined with Kevlar® Gloves

Youngstown Glove FR Leather Utility Lined with Kevlar® Gloves

Lined with Kevlar® is made of 100% high quality specialty goatskin leather sewn into an ergonomic, 3-D performance glove pattern with superb dexterity and durability. Plus the entire glove is lined throughout with cut-resistant Kevlar® fiber.

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Stay Up-to-Date with Border States

THHN vs. XHHW: What Is the Difference?

When designing and building a new facility, machine or appliance, engineers need to know the strengths and weaknesses of each wire available for the job.

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wire and cable Catalog


Our wire services will meet your job site needs and include color feeder wire; wire paralleling and cutting, on-site delivery, compartmentalized reels, installed pulling heads and specialized reels.

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Southwire SIMpull REEL™ Maneuverable Payoff System

One person can safely and efficiently maneuver a 6000-lb reel through 36” doorways with hardware, navigate tight spaces, and set-up & payoff the reel right beside electrical equipment/conduit

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