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Featured Products

Leviton kit

Leviton-Samsung SmartThings Bundle

Whole house automation is made simple with a strategic partnership between Samsung SmartThings and Leviton, resulting in a pre-packaged home automation starter kit complete with two Z-Wave lighting controls. The bundled kit includes the Hub, a dimmer, and a switch.

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SmartThings Bundle

Leviton logo

Luxul Wireless Gigabit Router

Luxul Wireless Gigabit Router

Combining high output power and cutting-edge technology, the Luxul XWR-3100 delivers exceptional data rates and outstanding wireless coverage for a world-class Wi-Fi experience. This router is also capable of controlling two additional wireless access points.

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Wireless Gigabit Routers

luxul logo

Wiremold® Outdoor Charging Stations

Wiremold® Outdoor
Charging Stations

The first outdoor power offering from Legrand focuses on supporting connectivity with a full family of mobile device charging stations that allows people to power up in the great outdoors.

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Outdoor Charging Stations

Wiremold logo

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THHN vs. XHHW: What Is the Difference?

When designing and building a new facility, machine or appliance, engineers need to know the strengths and weaknesses of each wire available for the job.

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Supplytrax™ vending

Provide employees secure, 24/7 access to commonly-used materials and gear. AutoCrib reduces inventory levels, tracks use by employee and eliminates stock outs.

Learn more about AutoCrib