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Hubbell Power PDV-100 Optima Arresters ESP/Metal Oxide Varistor 10 kV

Mfg #: 2137097324
BOR #: 1587678
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PDV-100 Optima arresters meet the Heavy Duty requirements of IEEE C62.11 and the Distribution High requirements of IEC 60099-4.

  • This arrester class is suitable for withstanding a 100 kA high current impulse.
  • MCOV: 2.55 - 34 kV rms
  • Duty Cycle Rating: 3 - 42 kV rms
  • Housing Material: ESPTM Polymer - proprietary ESP™ weathershed material, made of a blend of silicone and EPDM, resists tracking and provides exceptional leakage distance. It has proven its mettle in some of the toughest weather conditions for decades.
  • Thermal Charge Rating, Qth: 1.1 C
  • Repetitive Charge Transfer Rating, Qrs: 0.4 C
  • Rated Short Circuit Current: 20 kA rms
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Product can be ordered only in multiples of
Brand Hubbell Power  
Mounting Hardware Cap, Insulating Bracket, Isolator, NEMA 4x5 X-Arm Bracket  
Top Terminal Hardware Hex Nut, Wire Clamp and Protective Cap  
MCOV 8.4 kV  
Duty Cycle (kV) 10 kV  
Leakage Distance 14.40 in  
Lower Terminal Hardware Isolator, Hex Nut, Wire Clamp, Flat Washer and Nylon Retainer Washer  
Material ESP/Metal Oxide Varistor  
Voltage 10 kV  
Hubbell Power Specification Sheet Specification Sheet

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