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Estex 2310 Sleeve Bags

Mfg #: 2310
BSE #: 2456170

This sleeve bag is made from heavy canvas fabric. It is tapered from 9" at the top to 7" at the bottom. There is a flap over the opening secured with snap fasteners. On the back of the bag there is a quick release snap for belt attachment.

  • Heavy canvas sleeve bag, flap with snap fasteners
  • Quick release snap on back, leather reinforcement
  • Sewn to the bag and then riveted with leather pieces on the inside and outside of the bag
  • Rivets are capped to prevent scratching of the rubber sleeves
  • All seams are double stitched and stress points have extra stitching
  • Bag also has a "D" ring to attach a glove bag
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Brand Estex  
Weight 14 oz  
Height 28 in  
Length 9 in  
Width 2 in  

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