Rockwell Automation 1762 MicroLogix 1200 Controllers

  • 20 kHz high-speed counter, featuring eight modes of operation
  • I/O expansion through MicroLogix 1200 expansion I/O
  • Modbus RTU slave SCADA protocol
  • RSLogix 500 programming environment with an instruction set compatible with other MicroLogix and SLC controllers
  • Full ASCII functionality
  • UL listed Class I, Division 2
  • 32-bit signed integer math
  • 6K user memory (4K program, 2K data)
  • Built-in PID
  • DeviceNet compatibility, using the 1761-NET-DNI
  • DF1 full-duplex, half-duplex slave for SCADA-based applications
  • DH-485 networking, using the 1761-NET-AIC
  • DIN rail or panel mount controller and I/O without additional hardware
  • EtherNet/IP compatibility, using the 1761-NET-ENI
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