CRC Wasp and Hornet Killer Plus™ Insecticide

BSE Part # 117970 MFG#: 14010
Knocks down and kills wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, bees, fire ants, all crawling insects, scorpions, spiders and other stinging insects on contact.
  • Contains no chlorinated solvents
  • Fast acting, high strength insecticide
  • High dielectric strength — more than 40,000 V
  • Safe on plastics
  • Trigger provides dense, accurate spray that reaches more than 20'

  • Type:
    • Insecticide
  • Brand:
    • CRC
  • Color:
    • Clear
  • Size:
    • 14 ounce
20 Oz. Aerosol Can Wasp and Hornet Killer Plus. Product is a fast-acting high strength insecticide that knocks down and kills wasps - hornets - yellow jackets - bees - fire ants - scorpions - and spiders on contact. Wasp and Hornet Killer Plus contains no chlorinated solvent and is harmless to plastics. Dielectric strength is over 40000 volts.